January 14, 2016

Day 14: New Health Goals, Get a Friend on Board!

One oar in the water looking toward an island

"No man is an island, entire of itself.”
John Donne

Have you ever had a really challenging new goal, and after a week or so, you weren't sure if you had the will to continue? Was there someone on the sidelines cheering you on? For almost every goal in my life that I have ever completed, there has been someone on the sideline cheering me on. I'm sure you've had the same experience. 

Healthy living and nutritional goals are the same. Sticking with a life-changing goal is so much easier when you have someone to help support and encourage you when the going gets tough. So unless you like living the lonely life of Tom Hanks on a castaway island, we HIGHLY recommend that you find a friend who you can text, email, message, or call on a daily basis to share your successes and struggles with. And if you can't find a family member, friend, or neighbor, then WE will be your friends! Comment on our posts, or message us on Facebook and we can help walk you through the changes a day at a time.
From October 2014 to October 2015, Scott decided he was going to avoid all desserts and candy while he was training for competitive cycling and triathlons.  I was not his support system in this goal. I made it very clear that he had my blessing, but not my companionship on this ride. No thank you. Just go ahead and eat your lettuce wraps while I down my second or third donut with the kids. For a good few months of the year I worked at a bakery, so the odds of me giving up sugar were, well, nil. None. Nada. I was kind of nasty. I mean I got a kick out of teasing him when the kids and I would devour our latest creation. But secretly I was so annoyed. I just wanted him to come, join me...and enjoy the sweet goodness that we were all enjoying. He was spoiling our fun. And he was doing something I never thought I could do.

And so I began to have my treats in secret without him. Everyone knows treats taste sweeter in secret anyway. So I kept my hidden candy and sweets in my purse. I enjoyed my salted caramel brownies from the bakery. And that went on for a whole year.

Finally, at the end of September, Scott broke his year-long treat fast with me. We ate ice-cream, and cookies, and cake, and candybars. But it wasn't the same. Scott had lost his LOVE and enjoyment for treats. They were good. They were addicting. And he ate a lot for 3 weeks, but they were not deeply soul satisfying to him. And he expressed that a lot. Then Scott got really sick (he'd been healthy all year long) and he blamed the sugar and started another year-long dessert and candy and refined sugar fast. Oh brother... 
Then in November, just before Thanksgiving, Scott came to me and asked me to join him on his journey.  I tell the story here in more detail. What is interesting about this experience is that up until that moment I had sincerely believed that giving up desserts and candy was not something I could possibly do. But the act of him expressing confidence in me changed everything. And I made the decision to get on board. All this time I had been counting down the days when he would come back to my side and join me... but he was doing the same thing, counting the days until I would join him. I am now feeling better than I have in so long. And we are in it together.  

I will give a much more detailed account of how I quit sugar and how it has changed everything for me in a near-future post. So hang in there. But today's message is to get someone on board with you. Ask them. Sincerely. Talk to them. Stop going in circles with your health. Give a friend the second oar to your boat and start paddling. The journey to better health is so much sweeter when done together.   


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