January 17, 2016

Day 17: Free Printable Weekly Menu Planner

Weekly menu printable

Let's talk shop for a minute.  Grocery shopping, to be specific. 

Healthy nutrition almost always begins in the grocery cart. You have the power to choose each and every item that makes it to the checkout line. As you may know, every successful trip to the grocery store begins with a well thought-out shopping list. A well thought-out shopping list comes from taking the time to do menu planning. 

So, for your shopping and planning convenience we have created a free printable Weekly Menu Planner/Shopping List. Yay!  I know. I love free printables too.  Click on the image at the end of the post to download/print yours.

I find it so helpful to be able to jot down items on my shopping list while I'm planning the menu. So that when I write tacos on the menu I can immediately add shells, lettuce and cheese to the list.  Then I can just snip it off and take it with me while I shop.    

Also, did you know that having a menu plan visible for the whole family can really help with picky eaters?  When children can plan on what they will be eating through the week, their anxiety about food can be greatly decreased.  When children are consistently unsure about what dinner will be, it can create anxieties about food that make them want to latch onto the few foods that they like.  When meals and snacks are more planned out, they can relax and will actually begin to try new foods much easier.  

Shopping for a family is not always easy. But I know that weekly planning makes a huge difference. Don't forget to add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to your list and shopping list! Check back to our posts on Days 7,8,9 for ideas on what to do with all that healthy food when you get home. Please leave your comments below and let us know if this menu planner helps and if you have any further questions.

Enjoy and happy shopping!


Weekly Meal Planner Printable

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