January 2, 2016

Day 2: More FOOD, Less CRAP!

A few weeks ago I attended a swim technique and nutrition class that our local rec center was offering, taught by Jamie Hubbard. She is a nationally competitive swimmer, coach, and nutritionist. It was some of the best money that I had ever spent on my health and training. In the class, she introduced us to the acronym of eating less CRAP and More FOOD. The clever concept was put together in 2012 by Zoe Tattersall of Australia and has since been shared dozens of times through blogs, articles, and meme images, each with slight modifications.

Eat less CRAP (Carbonated drinks, Refined sugar, Artificial sweeteners & colors, Processed foods). Eat more FOOD (Fruits & veggies, Organic lean proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids, Drink water.)

The concept is succinct, powerful, memorable, and covers 8 major areas of health. That is why we have chosen it as the foundation for our health goals this year. To us, “More” means more, not to “only” eat those foods. And “less” means less, not “never”. For our family challenge and blog, we switched the order of the lists to put eating more food first. This seems counter-intuitive, but we’ve found through experience that when you eat more healthy food, you naturally eat less crap, you don’t feel hungry, and you don’t feel like you’re on a diet.

Come back on Day 6 as we explain more about how to add More F.O.O.D. and get a F.R.E.S.H. start for your life.

We welcome you to join us on the journey! Please comment and share! What health dreams, goals, or resolutions have you set for yourself or your family in 2016?

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  1. this is matti...just borrowing jonathon's profile. I'm excited you guys are doing this. I always want to feed my family better, but it's so hard to keep going longer than 2,3 days at a time for me. I get tired of hassling them to drink their smoothies and eat the dinner I made. My kids live on quesadillas, and recently I've even added ramen and frozen waffles. Definitely not heading in the direction I want, so I'm excited to read about your journey!!!

    1. Matti...thank you for commenting! I am thrilled you are reading. We have struggled for years with these principles so don't loose heart. Great habits take time. It's a journey, not a 2 week turn around. Please don't be overwhelmed by thinking you need to be doing all these things at once. Pick one small thing and start. I remember years ago the first thing changed was our Jiffy Peanut butter to Adam's natural. I didn't do anything else for a while until we all got used to the new flavor. Give yourself the idea that it will take at least a year. Maybe one principle a month? And..we have not given up quesadillas entirely either. Nor do I have plans to. I personally eat mine with beans in the middle, fresh salsa and avocado on top to give it some added nutrition. Currently two of the children still eat theirs plain and I'm ok with that, I'm confident they'll come around in time. But the other two have now started adding beans and salsa and my youngest loves avocado on top. For the two that like it plain I always serve them olives and cucumbers on the side, something I know they like. This way I don't feel bad about quesadillas. My advice for you is not to change everything you are doing, but add nutritious fruits and veg on the side and begin adding more yourself and let them see you enjoying your nutritious version. You are doing great and are headed in the right direction!