January 29, 2016

Day 29: Live a Little

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So, what's this all for?  Why such an emphasis on good health and nutrition? In his post Let's Get Real About Life, Scott asked some of these hard questions and does an excellent job answering them from his perspective. Is all of this effort really worth it? Is this what life is really about? Should we really be giving such a huge amount of time and attention to something that in the end, is going to die anyway? Why all of the fuss? Today, I would like to share more of my perspective on why I'm starting to make better choices about my health and nutrition.

"Come on, live a little." I hear this from time to time in regards to food and health. And why not? Why not just live life, love the people we love, enjoy the foods we want to, and leave the rest to fate. That is all we really want to do right? None of us truly want to spend our precious time planning and executing all of this health stuff do we?

The truth is, that our bodies need our attention.  They are like children. Attention is a non-negotiable reality for kids. They need it and they will find a way of getting it every single day, even if they need to act out to get our attention. They also need a certain amount of control each and every day, which is another post altogether.  Now, whether or not the attention they get is positive or negative largely depends on how we as parents approach them. Anyone who has cared for a small child and received a phone call in the afternoon knows exactly what I am talking about. Their world is shattered when they realize they are not the center of it. They will wreak all kinds of havoc in those 2 mins just to make sure they have not been abandoned and forgotten.

Yoga PoseOur bodies are much the same way.  Your body's need for attention is non-negotiable.  Whether the attention is positive or negative is up to you.  Yes, all of us in some form or another will experience illnesses or trauma to our body not at all brought on by nutritional factors. But don't you think that your experience during those times could be made easier and the burden lighter if your body was stronger and healthier to begin with? Doesn't bedtime always go much better for children when we choose to spend 10 or 20 minutes reading to them? Their needs are met and their willingness to cooperate is 10-fold. Whether we like it or not, our bodies require our attention. Wouldn't spending 45 mins in daily exercise and meal planning be easier than hundreds or thousands of hours sick in bed, in doctors offices, or generally feeling like junk? When your body needs attention, it will eventually demand it and throw a fit.

I believe it all comes down to balance. Like the two sides of a scale, we strive to place our line in the middle. Life happens and it doesn't always work out that way, but we strive.  Tomorrow I want to talk more about that balance and giving attention to the things we cherish most. For me it is my God, my loved ones, and my body.  When you feel good it's much easier to do good.  And that is the motivation. I want to be able to do good things and fulfill my potential while alive. 

And in the end, I don't just want to live a little. I want to live a lot.

xo- Heather
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