January 30, 2016

Day 30: The Difference Between Health and Wellness

Believe it or not, food and nutrition are not my highest priority. Yes, I know...it may seem like it, since we are posting everything we've learned over several years to this blog. And yes, I admit, posting everyday for 30 days has caused me to think about and spend more time on these topics than usual.  But overall, when the dust settles... our main goal is not just good health. Our main goal and focus for life is...Wellness.

So what is the difference?  Shelly Smith of Premier Rapport states it eloquently in this way:

"Health and wellness are not synonyms. Health refers simply to a physical body being free from diseases, but wellness is an overall balance of your physical, social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, environmental, and occupational well-being. Wellness is a lifestyle and is not an end to be achieved. Wellness means that one strives for balance throughout his whole life. On the other hand, health would be that a person wants to lose weight and lower blood pressure. Once he does this, he is considered healthy. Health is a goal one can achieve while wellness is a dynamic concept that continues for a lifetime."

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in life?  As if you can never seem to get your head above water? This experience is not unique to me or you. We all have days or months or even years when life simply won't slow down and everything is just two steps ahead of us. Let me illustrate by sharing part of a journal entry I wrote 18 months ago. Hopefully you will relate:

June 4, 2014 Wed. 10:33pm

"That moment when all of the children are actually asleep….aaaaah.

Sometimes I honestly feel like I’m drowning in my life.  I love my life.  I am a happy woman, but man, life ain't easy for nobody! I just can’t seem to keep up.  These quiet moments only come late at night or early early morning.  I’m not a night owl or a morning person so this is not working for me. So many things get left undone at the end of the night. Housework for example. All the mothering advice that you hear these days (especially from older women) is: let it go. Let the dishes pile up, put the laundry down, leave the clutter and focus on the kids. And I do- most days.  I am so busy taking care of kids- I ain't got time for housework! So, people drop in and of course no one EVER drops in on the one day a week when we do catch up and clean for the whole day. It’s every other day when they trip up the stairs from shoes and toys. Then enter the living room trying to walk over puzzles, books and swimming tubes (which is tonight’s flavor). I guess it’s just life though, right? It’s the sign of an active busy home. It’s the sign of kids doing stuff. That’s good. But it’s also the sign of a tired mama. I’m trying. I really am. I have not given up yet. I love a clean home!!! It feels so good. But most  of the time- it’s not worth the misery of  cleaning it from top to bottom. We have bigger fish to fry. You’d never know, but we do chores every single day around here. It’s just that the mess is alive. Scott once said he heard some clanking around in the kitchen sink and was sure the dishes were fooling around because when he woke up the next morning they had multiplied."

So do you find yourself like me, caught up in focusing so hard on the outside dilemmas, the visible, the physical, the tangible, that there doesn't seem to be time the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual wellness? Are you setting aside daily time to work on what's going on inside?

About 6 months ago, I met some truly amazing people who helped me understand just that. They came into my life at just the right time and have helped me in so many ways. My friends Spencer and Megan Burnside have created a positive, encouraging community and website called Life of Clarity which is dedicated to helping people find the inner peace, balance, and wellness that I have been mentioning. They teach you how to actually implement principles such as: taking time to be still each day, meditation, contemplation, journaling, creating a morning ritual to ground yourself for the day, what to do in an emotional emergency, removing self-limiting beliefs, and how to find true emotional healing.

I have personally benefited from incorporating these principles into a more meaningful morning ritual and stillness practice. And it takes practice! Have you tried to sit in quiet silence for 5 min straight lately? Its harder than you think, but oh so grounding to the soul. This dedicated time has become extremely important to me and helps me focus on many of the wellness practices which I will expound on in future posts. When you quiet the inner chaos, then everything that surrounds you will naturally start to change.  Our mission is to share what we have learned in hopes that your life will be uplifted!

So, even though overall wellness and wholeness are my main goals, physical wellness is still very important. You will achieve more success in all the areas of wellness with better nutrition, exercise, and sleep. But we don't want you to stop there. There is MORE.

Not the, "oh great, more boxes to check off of my to-do list" kind of more. But more as in a bigger picture more. More as in you are more than just your daily list of tasks. You have the ability to tap into a power that is higher and greater than yourself, and yet deep within you at the same time.

We still have so much to learn. We are dedicated to this blog project and we encourage you to share, comment, question, learn, and teach right along with us. And keep coming back for more...

XO, Heather

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  1. I really appreciate your thoughts and insights, Heather. I loved thinking about the differences between health and wellness.
    And we all have days (or weeks, months...) where we can't seem to get on top of things. And life goes on. I keep telling myself: well, if I could just stay on top of housework every day, it wouldn't pile up, right? But then life gets in the way. But that's ok.
    I love the quote "My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy." Even though it's wonderful to have a clean and organized home from top to bottom, there are more important things in life. I believe that. I actually find that when I go into a home that is over-the-top clean, where you feel like you can't sit down on the furniture or touch anything, I feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.