January 4, 2016

Day 4: My Sugar Addiction

Five pound bag of Candy

My name is Heather Christley… and I’m a sugar addict.  There I said it.  Phew…I’ll be honest, my favorite comfort candy (is that even a thing for adults?) are Good n’Plenty’s.  Yeah, gross right?  I must be old too, because aren’t little licorice candies for elderly women to have on their nightstands? But I love them. Big, theater boxes of the little sugar coated licorice pills. My drug of choice. 

In fact, my love of candy runs as deep as the Colorado River.  Some of my fondest memories are walking home very slowly with a brown bag full of my latest booty from Yankies convenience store. I spent all my earnings on those little bags of treasure. They were my very own to eat and savor as I pleased.

During middle school I was somehow recruited for a position in the Snack Shack as the Head counter of penny-candy. Oh yes. My job was to fill as many sandwich bags full of 50 precious little sour apples as I could before the beginning lunch bell rang. I even got to leave class a whole 10 minutes early for this job—and they paid me in candy!  I was in Heaven. I have had a candy stash in my bag or purse in one form or another for the two decades since.

So what about you? Take this quiz and see how many questions you answer yes to?

1. The thought of giving up sugar for any amount of time leaves you in a panic.
2. You have a mental catalog of all the treats in the house, including where your kids hide theirs.
3. You crave something sweet after every meal.
4. The highlight of a fun event is the dessert at the end.
5. You know sugar is bad for you, but you simply cannot give it up.
6. You are often tired and feel like you could use a nap at any time.
7. You have had one or more, or four, root canals.
8. You cannot concentrate knowing there is a candy bar in your sock drawer.
9. The word “inflammation” has been used to describe many illnesses you have had.
10. You are suspicious, at social functions, that everyone has noticed you cruising the dessert table repeatedly.

If you scored more than 5 points you are headed down a dangerous road. And if you scored a perfect 10, like myself, then we have some serious work to do. Now, you likely wouldn’t know by looking at me that I have such an addiction. We rarely can judge effectively from the outside, can we? As I mentioned in my earlier post, my love affair with sugar has begun to take its toll in recent years in the form of various unexplained health ailments and severe pains. So, if someone like me can quit sugar, FOR REAL, then surely there is hope for the rest of humanity. Just keep showing up at these meetings and we are going to work through this together.

xo, Heather

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