November 13, 2016

I'm With You

Ripple Effect

Back in College, one of my Professors gave us an assignment called the "Be the Change" project. It was a conflict resolution class and we were learning about our greater impact on the world. It was a great experience in group project management and ultimately providing some needed service to our then Hawaiian community. But what has always stuck with me is the idea that individuals are powerful. And that all the change that needs to happen in the world begins with me. In fact, the ONLY part of life that we have control over is ourselves and our own actions. 

Your power to inspire good is the force that will shut down hate. 

Amidst the spreading confusion after this week's election, I want to add my encouragement and hope for our future as a nation. Despite what the media is spreading, I still believe that there is far more good in people than evil. Your influence matters. How you treat those you interact with today matters. When we see the spread of injustice let's reach out with compassion. 

Each individual has a unique life experience that has brought them to the place they are in life. Some of our experiences overlap and others don't. And that's ok. That is the beauty of the human relationship. We are all trying to contribute the best way we know how. We have the opportunity to shrink or shine as a nation and I still believe we can shine. 

Even though I may not be With Her or With Him, 

I Am With You. 

It's up to us to make America great and I believe we have the power to do it.


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